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    Hunan CHINASUN pharmaceutical machinery CO.,Ltd.


    Hunan CHINASUN pharmaceutical machinery CO.,Ltd. Built on the base of rich experience and total new ideals. Mr.Liu xianghua ,who has keen market


    Hunan Chinasun Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., LTD. is one of the big companies establishing the standard in the pharmaceutical machinery industry. Since 2006 the company has completed the establishment of these three products’ industry standard of PP Bowing Machine, Plastic Bottle Washing and Filling and Sealing Machine, Non-PVC Film Single Chamber Soft Bag I.V. Production Line. In 2009, Hunan Chinasun Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., LTD. declare the industry standard on Large Volume Injection Light Checking Machine, Non-PVC Film Multi-chamber I.V. Injection Production Machine, and PP Infusion Bottle One-step Blowing Machine to the Industry Standards Committee. And in May 2010, Chinasun acquired the approval from National Industry and Information Technology Division [2010] No.74 document Notice of On the Issuance of the first batch of 2010 Industry Standards and Plan Revision. The division authorized Chinasun to establish the three standards. Currently, our company is speeding up the drafting of these three standards. March 2012, the standard of Plastic Ampoule Bottle Filling and Sealing Machine Industry (approval copy) drafted by our company has approved by the experts in Kunming, and will be published and implemented soon.
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